Measuring is knowing

How do you know which length of curtain rods you need?

First, consider the space and the placement of your curtain rod. Would you like a rod across the entire width of the wall? Or would you like the rod placed above a window frame? The house decides what is needed. We will provide you with some tips on how to measure the length of your required curtain rods.

How long does a rod have to be?

Start by measuring the length of your window frame. We suggest having the rod stick out an additional 20-25 cm, on both sides, for the best placement. In case of a smaller window, we suggest having 10-15 cm on both sides.

Do not forget to add the length of the finials when calculating the final measurements. Please make sure that it fits the width of the wall(s) and that it looks nice and grand.

Order your rod exactly to size. You can order your exact curtain rod length with centimetre-specificity.

Wall-to-wall brackets

If you would like to place the rod between two walls, make sure you measure it at its tightest and reduce the measurement as follows: for a 28 mm rod, deduct 1.5 cm and with a 19 mm rod, deduct 1 cm. This is necessary for mounting the rod. The tight size will not fit in combination with the brackets.

How many brackets does a rod need?

We assume that two brackets are sufficient for a rod up to about 2.25 m. For rods larger than 2.25 m, we suggest three brackets. However, it is also important to consider the weight of your curtains and whether you plan on opening and closing the curtains on a daily basis.

Rods larger than 2.65 m require three brackets as these rods are delivered in two parts.

Need advice?

Need some extra help? Please feel free to e-mail us with your questions. We strive to reply as soon as possible. It is also possible to send us a picture or a drawing of the space meant for the future curtain rods.