Are you looking for the most exclusive rods for the curtains in your dream home? Or have you always wanted those luxurious rods? Then Chamberline in Veen is the place to go.

Chamberline offers a very extensive choice in luxurious and exclusive rods. Chamberline is located in Veen, situated in one of the most northerly corners of Brabant, the Netherlands.

Have you been looking for the perfect rods for your home for a long time or are you looking for something specific you have been unable to find? Please ask for information by Chamberline.

chamberline_combi_hoekverbinding_Ecke-Verbindung_zwart_brons_messing_28mm_19mm_2 (Medium)

Why Chamberline? Because Chamberline have a great assortment in stock. Whatever it is you are looking for in your rods, Chamberline has it! You will be able to fully optimise your wishes and quickly and easily order your perfect rods.

Chamberline also has all small parts and accessories for your rods. Everything is in stock, so you can make any combination for your rods.

Whether you have a beautiful house with a small window in the attic or a large window in the sitting room, any solution is possible for your rods. Since everything is made to size, your rods always are the right size.

You can also consider all the possibilities on our website and fill in your requirements. The website conveniently lists everything Chamberline has in stock and can assemble your rods until you have found the perfect combination.

If you are able to come and collect the rods in Veen yourself, Chamberline will give you a 10% discount.