Who we are

ChamberLine has an exclusive collection of curtain rods in stock. These luxury curtain rods are not something you will easily find somewhere else. Are you looking for unique curtain rods to have you curtains stand out even more? Then you have definitely come to the right place.

We work on our products with passion and pleasure on a daily basis. The best part is when we can provide customization for each customer with our own curtain rods.

Chamberline was founded by father Bert van Ballegooijen in 2008. He has worked on this with great passion for 10 years. Since 2018 we Diederik and Andrea van Ballegooijen are the proud owners of this wonderful company. Besides our family, we like to work with our products.

ChamberLine is a webshop located in the northernmost point of Brabant. Our company is located in the small town of Veen. All our curtain rods and accessories are in stock, which cuts our delivery time short and your order is delivered within no time.

Would you like to create the ideal curtain rod from the comfort of your own home? You can! Our website ChamberLine.nl contains all types and sizes for a perfect rod to suit your needs. This way you can easily and quickly put together a complete curtain rod to size. We have made sure that everything is organized clearly and presented neatly for you so you can easily navigate your way.

Need some extra help? You can always e-mail your questions to us. We will be happy to help you put together the right rod.