Frequently Asked Questions

Wat is the material of the articles?

All the articles are manufactured from metal.

How long does a rod have to be?

First, measure the length of your window casing and add on both sides approximately 20 cm. When ordering shorter rods you may add less. Also you need to add 2 times the length of the knobs. Also pay attention, that the rod length fits generously between the walls so your curtains will hang in balance with the others.

To which length can I order a rod?

For transportion reasons curtain rods can be ordered up to 265 cm as one unit. Larger lengths (above 265 cm) are provided in two parts with a connector. The connector is not visible from the outer rod because they coincide in an inner bracket. 

How to order more rods?

In each case the length of the rod in the shopping cart.

Is it possible to order a rode without ordering rings?

Yes, all components can be purchased separately. This way if you need just a rod or only rings than you can order them separately.

How many rings do I need?

Firstly that depends on your curtains. In most cases 10 rings for 1 meter are necessary. But it is possible that you have more or less pleats or folds per meter. Thereby, order based on what you need.

How much support must I order?

We suggest that for approximately 2.25 meters, 2 supports should be sufficient. Above 2.25 meters we suggest using 3 supports. Another factor that plays a role is the weight of your curtains and if you plan to open and close them daily. That could indicate another support for stability.

My window casing runs from wall to wall. Can I still use a rode?

That is a possibility. However, you need to be aware that you cannot order the extra length that is recommended, because of the space. Nevertheless, you can still order a luxury rode and instead of ordering decorative knobs for the ends we provide caps for the ends of the rod so that it looks finished. We suggest that you support the rod from the ceiling.

I have a very broad window sill, can I still use a rod

In this situation you should order ceiling supports and support you rod from the ceiling

Is there a shop where we can examine the different collections, accessories and hardware?

We have a showroom in the Netherlands, where you can view our products. This also allows you to examine the various combinations that are available. Please contact us to make an appointment for viewing.

Instead of having the products sent is it possible to pick them up?

Yes, that is possibility. We give 10% discounts if you pick up your own order and you save on the postal cost. Meaning that your curtain rod becomes cheaper.

What are the postal costs for sending products?

The cost for a complete order is GBP 15.00.

How long is the delivery period?

We have all curtain rods, hardware and accessories in stock. After we have conformation that we have received the payment, we can send the products. It should take only a few days to arrive.

I have made a mistake with measuring up my windows. And I want to void my order.

If the order is not yet processed then can you can still modify your order. Contact us as soon as possible so we can try to fix the problem

What is the warrantee?

We believe 100% in our products. Nevertheless, due to manufacturing defects, within the first two years of purchasing the products, we suggest that you contact us and we will look for an appropriate solution. We guarantee a quality product and therefore will do everything we need to ensure that.

How do I return a product?

Whatever the circumstances may be please contact us immediately via email or telephone. The return to Sender package should be sent back by the customer, intact and in the original packaging. The customer is responsible for the postal fees, unless it is due to damaged or broken goods.

I have a specific question or complaint?

We request you then Contact Us.