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from €20 per meter

Melvin 28 mm
Select your desired length in cm, if your choice is longer than 2.65 meters, the rods will be delivered in several pieces. You will need an additional support and connecting piece.
28 mm (+€2.50)
Your chosen rod length is longer than 2.65m. The rod is supplied in 2 equal parts. You will need a connecting piece for this. The connecting piece goes into the rod and is therefore not visible. Important that you use 3 supports.
Burdon (×€22.00)
For rods longer than 2.25 m, we recommend at least 3 supports.
Shanna 28mm (×€16.00)
End cap 28mm (×€6.00)
Ring 28mm (×€1.80)
Standard quantity is 10 rings for 1 meter rod.
Grand total