Duo and Cornerconnection

Duo systems enable you to combine multiple rods in one fluid system. Our duo 28/19 mm brackets are a nice system if you want to use double rods in the same place. These wall brackets are perfect if you want to put up both net curtains and drapes. You can combine this nicely with the exclusive rods in our range.

ChamberLine has the perfect rod for each room. All products can be ordered separately, which means you can easily and quickly put together a complete curtain rod to size. You can order the exact size of the rod you need with centimetre-specificity. In addition, we have a wide range of finials and brackets.

Duo systems

Corner connections

ChamberLine has corner connections instead of curved curtain rods, which allow you to create any corner you want. Our corner connections make it possible to combine multiple rods in one fluid system. If you have a bay window or an extension, our corner connections are ideal to have your rods nicely continued.

It is important that is placed near the corner connection for the solidity of the rod. Need some extra help? You can always e-mail your questions to us. We will be happy to help you put together the right rod.