Curtain Batons

Have you been looking for beautiful and luxurious curtain batons for a long time? Or are you changing your interior and are you looking for exclusive curtain batons to match? Then Chamberline has much to offer you.

Curtain batons are available in many types and sizes. Whether you have a wide window in the sitting room or a small window in the attic, you can always order curtain batons of the right size from Chamberline.

Chamberline is a company based in Veen in Noord-Brabant that manufactures only luxurious and exclusive curtain batons for you. Chamberline also has a beautiful showroom where you can get an impression of all the possibilities for your curtain batons. At the showroom, everything is neatly arranged, allowing you to select the curtain batons that are a perfect match for your home and interior.

chamberline_combi_hoekverbinding_Ecke-Verbindung_zwart_brons_messing_28mm_19mm_2 (Medium)

You may wonder why Chamberline should be your first choice. It is because Chamberline in Veen has a very extensive range of curtain batons in stock. Therefore, any wishes you may have in terms of the most beautiful curtain batons can be fulfilled by Chamberline.

Because Chamberline offers you the possibility to optimise what you are looking for in the area of curtain batons, Chamberline is your natural choice.

If you are looking for small but exclusive parts instead of large curtain batons Chamberline is also the place to go.

Chamberline also has a website where you can find our full range of curtain batons neatly arranged. You can select your perfect curtain batons from the comfort of your home.

Would you like to visit our showroom? You can simply make an appointment with Chamberline without any obligations, to discuss what you are looking for and place an order. Another major advantage of Chamberline is that all our products are produced and purchased directly from the factory, cutting out the middle man and offering you the best price for curtain batons.

When your curtain batons have been made to size and are ready for shipment Chamberline will give you a 10% discount if you come and collect your curtain batons!